Schwaib Nig. Ltd., incorporated in 2005, is a major distributor of Grundfos products (i.e. SQ flex solar pumps and solar panels). Our specialty is Solar modules and all products relating to solar energy. We also supply and market other brands such as Solarworld, Kayocera, Svk, Sharp, Phocos and Newmax.

We do ensure total customer satisfaction through emphasis on high quality products and competitive prices.

We supplier and distribute solar energy systems in Nigeria. Solar products that we supplier include solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, inverters and solar balance-of-system accessories. We welcome both local and international enquires. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your solar requirements!.

Our obligation to staff helps us to retain experienced and talented personnel who always remain available on call and make us truly proud and target oriented company.

Mission Statement

Provision of clean safe water and electricity through solar energy.


We are a solar energy products & services company in Nigeria.

Solar energy is one of the most dependable renewable energy source worldwide and it is becoming more affordable for both industrial and commercial use.

If you are one of those who would like to benefit from this phenomenon, feel free to explore our products & services.